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LCoS Projectors for Home Theater.
Current LCoS JVC models have taken our highest home theater award Best In Class for the 3500-10000, price range in our Annual Home Projector Comparison Report three years in a row, while this year Sonys giving them a run for the money.
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Canon Realis WUX10 Mark II LCoS Projector 1920x1200 Native Resolution 3200 lumen. Canon Realis WUX10 Mark II LCoS Projector. Canon Product IdWUX10: Mark II. Canon Realis WUX10 Mark II Projector. Currently the best LCoS Liquid Crystal on Silicon projector technology.
Canon XEED WUX7000Z LCOS projector.
Algemene voorwaarden zijn van toepassing. Verschilt per regio. Introducing the NEW Canon REALiS LCOS Projectors. Klik op één van onderstaande links om naar de screencalculatoren en mountfinders van onze verschillende fabrikanten te gaan. Milestone Projector calculator voor elk type projector.
LCOS Projectors.
Indeed, JVC had produced the first projector using LCOS microdisplay technology as long ago as 1998 and subsequently achieved positive results by focusing its D-ILA Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier technology which packs 19201080 pixels on a single 0.8in chip on commercial and ultra-high end home theatre applications, enabling HD images to be displayed at their full-specification resolution.
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Sony's' SXRD Silicon X-tal Reflective Display their brand name for LCoS uses an advanced" iris" to improve black levels. Like the pupil of your eye, the iris opens and closes to change the amount of light that enters the system.
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Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Smart Projector Zwart. Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Smart Projector Android 7.1, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI Transform any place into your private theater with the Anker Nebula Capsule mini projector. This portable projector offers incredibly crisp image quality, thanks to the DLP IntelliBright technology, and clear 360 sound.
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Indrukwekkende beelden, zelfs in kleine ruimten. Geen concessies op kwaliteit met Canon's' assortiment projectoren met korte projectieafstand. Projectoren met korte projectieafstand weergeven. Compacte 5000 lumen projector met korte projectieafstand en krachtige functies. Heldere en veelzijdige 4500 lumen WUXGA-installatieprojector met korte projectieafstand.
Overview of LCOS technology.
There is no such thing as an SVGA resolution LCOS projector, and we know of only one very rare XGA resolution machine. Generally LCOS machines begin to appear in the SXGA 1365x1024 resolution class and higher. So by definition they are not cheap.

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